When you first start looking for a piano you should ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What is the instrument going to be used for? Is it for you, your child or children to take lessons or is it for casual recreational use.

    Regardless of what you are going to use the piano for, there is no reason that it should not be in reasonable condition.

  2. Where will you be putting the piano? Will it be in your living room, family room or recreation room. Possibly the bedroom. Where it goes may determine the size of the piano you wish to look for. Do you have room for a larger upright or approx. 54" (shoulder height) or will you look for something smaller, such as an apartment size of approx. 40-42" (waist height).

  3. You may also be concerned with the exterior appearance of the piano: is it modern looking or is it an older style?
    Is it scratched or damaged or is it relatively unmarked?

    This again must be taken into consideration when you decide where you wish to place the piano (as a general rule the outside cabinet does not always reflect the mechanical action or sound quality).

  4. Possibly the most important question you will want to ask, is how much money do I want to spend? When buying a used piano, like buying any other used merchandise, the price is limited to what the seller is asking. It is up to you to decide if this is an acceptable price.

  5. A final question that should be asked and is often overlooked is, what am I going to do if the interest in this new piano fades or discontinues? Will I be able to easily resell the piano? The answer depends on the following:
    (A) It is easier to sell a piano which has a familiar brand name.
    (B) The piano is in relatively good condition, it looks good, is not scratched and it has a good sound.

As a final note before we start examining the piano: Even if it appears to be in good condition it is always wise to have an independant piano technician give the piano a final inspection. This way you can feel comfortable that there will be no unanswered questions. There may be a small charge for this service but it could save you hundreds of dollars in repairs: thus making this money well spent.