When looking for a piano you should be aware that over time there have been many different makes and models of pianos developed from many different countries.

The first thing you should remember is that you are looking to save a few dollars so do not be turned
off by a piano that is 75 years of age. There are many pianos which are still in excellent condition after this much time.

Generally the pianos which were manufactured in North America for this climate tend to stand up better than some pianos which were manufactured in other countries.

Be wary of imported pianos that are older than 15 years of age or brought into Canada before the mid 1970's. There is a possibility that they may have loose tuning pins which may result in a piano that does not stay in tune.

The reason for the loose tuning pins is that when Asian and European piano manufactures started exporting pianos to North America they were using wood in the pin blocks and sounding boards that were designed for their climate. When pianos arrived in North America the wood was susceptible to drying out, thus creating loose tuning pins.

This does not in any way imply that this is the case today. In recent years most world manufactures became aware of this problem and took steps to eliminate such possible defects; such as using North American lumber in designs.

Having said all of this, just because it is a North American piano does not mean it is a safe bet. Every piano should be treated as an individual case.

As in any industry over the course of time, manufacturers in the piano industry experimented in many different styles, models and wood in the development of the piano. The true answer to determine whether a piano is of any value is to individually examine it.

We hope this information has given you some valuable skills and knowledge which will enable you to effectively choose a piano that will not only meet your standards but will also bring you years of enjoyment.

At this point if you would like to come and see our shop first hand, we would be delighted to welcome you and your family. Come and see a shop full of used pianos which you can compare and examine for yourself.